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custom hydraulic manifolds for mission-critical applications

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Warranty and Liability Statement

M&W warranty and liability statement

This print is the exclusive property of M&W Hydraulics. All paper or digital copies are loaned, and subject to recall on demand. The furnishing of prints and designs to the purchaser for an order or in anticipation of an order are not to be construed as deeding or consenting to the use which could be detrimental to M&W’s interest. M&W is responsible for: (1) manifolds to function properly per schematic on M&W layout drawing approved by the purchaser, (2) manufacturing manifolds per port and valve specifications. Purchaser is responsible for valve assembly and rigorous cycle and/or actual service testing of prototype parts prior to production. Manifold design issues must be found during prototyping. M&W is not responsible for field failures as a result of inadequate testing. After prototyping, M&W replicates the design, per print, within the specified tolerances. M&W’s limited warranty covers only defective material and workmanship within (1) year from the date of manufacture per the date code stamped on manifold. The warranty is limited to the repair and/or replacement of parts returned to and found to be defective by M&W, or credit for the invoiced price of the defective part at M&W’s discretion. This warranty does not cover parts subjected to higher than tested/specified flows or pressures, modifications, improper installation or use of improper fluid.

For production quantities of less than (50) pieces/year, (2-3) parts for prototype testing are usually adequate. High production quantities of (500) pieces a year or more require a prototype test of (6-10) pieces.