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custom hydraulic manifolds for mission-critical applications

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Manifold FAQs


The Answers You Need

What is a manifold?

Hydraulic manifolds are used to distribute hydraulic oil throughout a circuit. The flow of pressurized oil is regulated by hydraulic valves installed within the manifold and directed through hoses to some kind of work device, such as a hydraulic motor or a cylinder.

Why would I need a custom manifold?

Developing a custom hydraulic manifold application is not the same as buying an item off the shelf. Like a tailored suit, a custom manifold is built to your exact measurements and specifications. M&W can design and manufacture manifolds to fit any line of cartridge valves as required by our customers. The result is a perfect fit and an exceptional value, every time.

Does M&W have design capabilities?

Yes, M&W has engineers on staff to help you design your manifold from scratch, improve an existing design, or replicate an existing circuit. Using advanced CAD software our engineers will collaborate with you to design and produce a manifold solution per your exact specifications.

Which types of materials does M&W work with?

M&W manifolds are commonly made from materials such as 6061 aluminum or 65-45-12 ductile iron, but we also work with mild steels, brass, stainless steel, plastic, and anything else as requested by our customers. If you have any questions about available materials, please give us a call today at 319-362-8930.

Does M&W offer anodized, plated, or painted manifolds?

Yes, M&W closely works with a range of anodizing, plating, or finishing companies to arrange most any possible finish requirement. We can offer finishing options of various colors and degrees of protection as specified by our customers.

How long is M&W’s lead time?

The lead time for an order is dependent on the size and complexity of the manifolds as well as the current work load on our CNC machines. Please give us a call at 319-362-8930 to check on our current lead time or to verify the status of an order.

Does M&W offer expedited delivery options?

We understand that sometimes equipment does break down in the field and replacement parts are needed as soon as possible. We will work with you on an expedited solution to get your equipment back up and running with minimal down time. Be sure to let us know that expediting is required at the time that the order is placed.