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custom hydraulic manifolds for mission-critical applications

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Winning the Battle

The defense industry is a relative newcomer to M&W’s expertise, if you consider more than 20 years of experience as new. M&W Hydraulics has been providing defense customers with custom hydraulic solutions since 2000. Running the gamut across the Armed Services, M&W manifolds are tough, dependable and accurate. They meet some of the toughest testing and specification requirements out there.

You’ll find M&W manifolds on aircraft carrier catapult hydraulic systems that are able to launch aircraft from 0 to 165 mph in 2 seconds, in Humvee-style vehicles that carry military personnel safely, in complicated specialized equipment like battlefield recovery vehicles whose mission is to bring damaged tanks out of the battle zone, and even in amphibious vehicles for the Marine Corps that have to carry 5 tons of equipment from the ocean to the beach and beyond.

Contact M&W to see how our hydraulic manifold experience can be applied to your defense project.