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custom hydraulic manifolds for mission-critical applications

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Custom Manifolds


Built to Order

Simply put, a hydraulic manifold is used to distribute hydraulic oil throughout a circuit. The flow of pressurized oil is regulated by hydraulic valves installed within the manifold and directed through hoses to some kind of work device, such as a hydraulic motor or a cylinder. In our modern mechanical world, nearly every industry counts on manifolds for success.

We do one thing very well

M&W specializes in the design and manufacture of custom hydraulic manifolds. Off-the shelf suppliers simply can’t provide exact specifications for every application, and close enough doesn’t cut it when it comes to your machines.

Whether it’s one piece or 500 units, M&W manifolds are designed specifically for your task. We start with your specifications and then make design recommendations to deliver the block tolerances and manifold performance you need. We will build to print – but not without checking to see if the print sums are right and if there are more efficient and effective ways to achieve your specifications.

We do it fast

M&W has invested in the tools to let our experienced staff execute at the highest level. We also designed our entire engineering, programming and production workflow to provide one other key element to our custom solutions — speed. We do all of our work with an emphasis on efficiency so you can get quick delivery of product.

Get the manifold your equipment deserves

M&W makes steel, ductile and aluminum manifolds to fit any line of cartridge valves. We also work with brass, stainless steel, plastic, or other materials requested by our customers. M&W engineers can help you design your manifold from scratch, improve an existing design, or replicate an existing circuit. Using advanced CAD software, our engineers will collaborate with you to design and produce a manifold solution per your exact specifications.

M&W has over 40 years of experience in the planning and production of these complicated systems. Let us guide you through the development of your custom hydraulic manifold. Contact us or request a quote.