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custom hydraulic manifolds for mission-critical applications

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METHODOLOGY: The Making of a Manifold

M&W Hydraulics has developed a proven way of working over the last 40 years that maximizes efficiency and productivity at each step of the manifold process. By using this systematic approach, we are able to meet customer requirements for precision, performance, budget and schedule.

The Right

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Getting it
The First Time

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Seamlessly With
Your Application

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Asking The Right Questions

The process of making a manifold starts with asking questions. What are you trying to do? What are the pressures and flows? What kind of environment are you operating in? What kind of coating do you need? What valve lines do you have?

There is no detail too small for M&W. For example, whether a cartridge valve specification contains a dash 3 or a dash 4 can make a big difference in the end result. M&W gets all your specifications and then double checks every request to make sure everything is right. This commitment from the very beginning of a project sets M&W apart from other hydraulic manifold manufacturers.


Pricing Your Specifications

Using specialized software, we strive to provide quick, consistent, and competitive quotes. Whether you have a full 3D model or a sketch on a napkin, our quoting department will work closely with you to outline a project that satisfies your specifications and your budget.

Big or small we have the experience to help with designing and manufacturing the best solution for your needs. To get the quoting process started, please tell us more about your application. We’ll respond quickly to meet your needs.



Value Added Engineering

When you work with M&W, you aren’t just hiring manufacturers who build to print, but engineers who design for safety, low pressure drop and manufacturability. We give recommendations through the process that will save you time and money.

Working with the latest CAD software, our engineers specialize in both the modification of existing circuits and the design of new hydraulic manifolds per your exact specifications.

To support the exchange of information, an open line of communication during this step is critical. The highly skilled engineers at M&W have years of experience and are familiar with the challenges of custom manifold design. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can improve your hydraulic manifold applications.


Getting it Right The First Time

Our machinists operate technologically advanced CNC machines twenty-four hours a day, five days a week to produce your manifolds quickly and accurately. From prototype to production, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Once the design has been finalized, our programmers get to work. Utilizing CAD/CAM software they program the machining of your manifold using the most efficient and effective methods possible. Our programming department works closely with both engineering and production personnel to encourage continuous process improvement and quality control. When you program a CNC machine from an engineering drawing or a model, it has to be accurate to the 10th of a thousandth (0.0001”) of an inch.

We use Vericut to simulate the manufacturing of a manifold. We use it to run the program, predict the machining time, and very accurately find any errors or physical collisions. This step saves time and money for our customers.

Our machinists enjoy the challenges of working on new and unique projects and have the ability to work with a wide variety of materials depending on your requirements. We specialize in working with various grades of aluminum, ductile iron and steel. From initial material preparation to the finishing touches, M&W employees push for 100% error-free manifolds. Whether your project weighs more than a ton or small enough to sit in the palm or your hand, M&W is equipped to produce your manifold exactly to your specifications.


Secondary Operations

Secondary operations are those that are performed after the machining of the manifold is complete. These processes include the inspection, cleaning, deburring, anodizing/plating, assembly of plugs and other components, and any additional procedures as directed by our customers.

A secondary operation does not imply less importance, as these actions must be given appropriate attention to detail to maintain high quality standards. The accurate and consistent execution of these measures is critical to the smooth operation of the manifolds in the field. It is estimated that more than 75% of all hydraulic failures are due to system contamination. We strive to minimize contamination through investment in advanced deburring technology and thorough post-production inspections; our goal is to manufacture and ship clean contamination free manifolds. The result is less maintenance cost and lost production time for M&W equipped manifold systems.

TEM, Thermal Energy Method Deburring
M&W was one of the first manifold manufacturers to embrace and acquire its own multi-chamber, high production TEM deburring machine. Being 10 years ahead of the competition shows once again that M&W stays on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and always looks for ways to amplify the effectiveness of their employees.

M&W acquired a special high-production, automated, ultrasonic wash line designed to run downstream of the TEM machine. This amazing technology greatly reduced delivery times on manifolds and provides a very consistent quality deburring process compared to manual hand deburring.

With the increasing complexity of manifolds and with more quality control documentation being required, M&W initiated a major program to automate manifold inspection processes. M&W acquired an advanced CMM with revolutionary “REVO-2” 5-axis scanning capability. This game-changing technology greatly reduces feature inspection time over older touch trigger probe technology. More accurate and faster inspections ensure better manifold quality with improved inspection efficiency.

First Article Inspection
With the advanced CMM scanning capabilities at M&W, we can provide First Article Inspection certified to actual specifications.


Working Seamlessly With Your Application

Because M&W is an engineering company at its core, we can help you integrate hydraulic manifolds into your applications. Think of the process as a set of bookends. Engineering starts the process by asking you the right questions to discover your precise requirements for your custom manifold. We finish the process by making sure your manifold performs in your application exactly the way you intended.